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Desert Boys Safari

This option is a quiet off road safari to isolated spectacular sand dunes, where you will be in just a small group of tourists, and away from any shops, restaurants and there is nothing to buy. You may ride your camel and not see anyone except maybe a small boy with a herd of goats, or an old man with his camels.

Sunset will be enjoyed on the sand dunes with snacks, tea or coffee, fruit and the silence of the desert around you. Later as the huge desert stars come out you will relax and watch your guide and camel driver cook you dinner, freshly prepared for you, over a small camp fire. You will sleep on the dunes, under the stars, and see the first glimpses of the sun in the morning. Simple camp beds, and tents, are optional.

Desert Boy’s Tour and Travel arrange safari for you, usually you will start with a jeep transfer, visiting some quiet and traditional villages to see how the life of the desert people is lived, their animals and agricultural activities, their homes and desert dress. Some of the sand-and-cowdung houses are beautifully painted in traditional bright patterns.

Then you will meet your camel and enjoy this great experience, of riding across the sand dunes as these desert people have been for thousands of years. You will enjoy seeing the sun setting across the golden sands, and then prepare for the evening.


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